Sunday, March 8, 2015

Blog Post #9

So, tomorrow is tryouts and I'm extremely nervous. I have been dreading this moment since I tore my ACL. It's even scarier than I expected because I thought that I would be way more ready before tryouts than I am right now, but I guess I'll never be mentally ready. My knee feels strong and definitely ready to play, but my mind is timid and feels as though I've forgotten how to play, when really I haven't. When I play tomorrow, I have to just be confident and pretend like I'm playing before all of this happened. I really hope that I accomplish my whole goal for this project and make varsity, but if I don't it'll be interesting to keep going with this project and update on how I'm improving. If I do make it, then I can update on how things go and maybe jump into a few other aspects of this project. For example, tips on how to keep an ACL strong and maybe even mental tips on how to go back to sports after this kind of trauma. At the beginning of this project, I thought that I would research and post tips on how to physically go back to a sport and rebuild an ACL, but after going through the process of really trying to go back, I've realized that it's all mental. The emotions of an athlete while going back are probably the hardest things to overcome. Questions like "Why did this have to happen to me?" and "How will I ever get better and back to the way I was?" are what stopped me, and I'm guessing stops others as well. I want to try and post advice on how someone can try and get over the sadness that comes with trying to get over the past and how they used to play and try to just focus on how to get better as the player they are now, after this injury. It can help me too, since I'm still not even over trying to face that I may never be the same, or maybe I will, but will have to learn to adjust to a different way of playing. So I plan to do that and also hope to do my best at tryouts and be happy with whatever results, even if I don't reach my goal of varsity.

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