Sunday, January 25, 2015

Blog Post #6

Over the past week, I haven't done much. It was mostly due to midterms and the snow. I can't really go running anymore with the ice on the ground, so I decided that it's time to stop focusing so much on working out and to start thinking about actually playing. I went and got fitted for a brace, which should be done in about a week, so until then, I need to work out at the gym or do something that just prepares me for playing. To begin my playing again, I'm going to go to practices with my old coach, since my sister has practice with him right after the older girls, so it's perfect. I'm a little nervous about it but mostly excited to just play. For actual games, I'm really scared. After practicing for a little, I need to play in the South winter league, and then tryouts are right around the corner at the beginning of March. Time is passing really fast, so I need to get a move on and get things done so that I'm ready. Right now, I'm not even close to being ready which is why I'm excited to just go to at least one practice that will hopefully reassure me that I'm capable of returning to soccer. However, I still have to wait until the brace comes. I'm hoping it doesn't restrict me too much, but makes me feel secure enough that I can still be aggressive since I'm sure it'll be a problem getting used to people coming at me and me having to go at other players. That's what is very conflicting...being scared that the brace is going to be too big for me to even play, but at the same time being worried about it not making me feel confident enough that my knee will be fine. All I know is that I just need to play right now since there are way too many mysteries making me nervous that can be answered once I step out on the field.

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  1. Keep pushing yourself to do great things and you will be awesome! Keep working!