Sunday, December 7, 2014

Blog Post #4

This week, I went running a few times. One of the days that I went running ended up turning into a 4 mile run, which made me proud of myself. But, this also resulted in some soreness! So, I had to take a few days off! Besides that difficulty, I'm finally seeing some progress in my agility and my knee's tolerance. Now that my running is improving, I want to focus on the next step. On Wednesday, I had an appointment with my surgeon. He said that my knee felt great and strong, which I'm happy about! But, I need to work on my quad a bit more, so this week I'll focus on doing exercises and streches that will strengthen it. He also said that I can start touching a soccer ball, just with no contact of other players. That made me really excited! Other than my exercises, I want to touch a ball this week. Maybe in my backyard or maybe I'll train with my old coach..I'm not sure yet, but I want to try some of my old moves and see how my knee can handle it! I know that it won't be normal at first, but I'm hoping to not get discouraged and to make myself realize that it will take some work to feel like my old self while playing. Also, after checking out the Nike running app, I downloaded it and I am planning on using it during future runs so that I can record my progress.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Blog Post #3

During the past week, I ran a few times after school. The first time, I ran a pretty far distance and was experiencing soreness and pain afterwards. So, after that I didn't run as far to avoid pushing myself. I wasn't able to run as much as I had planned, though, because it started to snow and the sidewalks were too icy. With this unexpected early winter weather, I realized that I need to find somewhere to run and work out. I'm planning to join a gym where I can run on a treadmill and use different machines. I'm hoping to get a lot done over the next few weeks because I'm starting to realize how close try outs are for the high school team and how I need to start actually training with a ball. Although I'm getting a little freaked out, I'm trying to not lose hope! Also, I'm going to start using the Nike running app. As for my research, I found diets that can help people post ACL Reconstruction. During inflammation, the first stage, it's advised to eat fish, flax, garlic, green tea, and pineapples. Proliferation comes next and vitamin C and vitamin E can help while the scar tissue is forming. For the stage that I'm in, remodeling, I should be eating proteins to restrengthen the knee. Prevention exercises that I found include lunges, squats, balance, and movements to help an athlete's form so that accidents are less prone to occur. More details can be found here.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Blog Post #2

This week, I finished physical therapy after 6 months of going there numerous times a week to strengthen my knee. Since I'm now onto the next step, I want to start giving myself goals and running a lot this week. I am going to look at the Nike running app and see if it could help me record my progress so that I can tell if I'm improving. I plan to do streches and exercises on the days that I don't run. Also, I want to start searching for ways to prevent this injury from happening to others. For example, exercises before games, certain helpful foods, etc.  

Friday, November 7, 2014

My First Blog Post: ACL Goals and Prevention

              Hi, my name is Lauren and this is my 20 time blog! For my entire life, I've played soccer and dedicated many weekends to games and tournaments. Though the travel clubs I've been in take dedication, I loved every minute of it. All of this work was for the purpose of playing high school soccer. Last year, I was finally there and made JV as a freshmen, but during the second game, I tore my ACL. Even after tearing tendons and spraining my ankle four times, this was the worst injury. The reconstruction surgery was even more brutal and made me realize how tough the recovery process is. It's been 7 months and I've been going to physical therapy weekly. But, for my project, I want to set goals for myself to heal my knee even farther. For example, run everyday, do certain exercises, train with my old team, run a marathon, and make the varsity team by the soccer season. This injury is very common in athletes, so I also want to post prevention tips. In addition, I want to help people who have already had the injury occur, like me. Hopefully, by the end of this project, my knee will be strong enough for soccer and I will have helped many other athletes.